Help Shape Our Digital Exhibition

As followers of our project may be aware, we are planning to launch a touring exhibition, bringing the insights and research of the project team to visitors at museums and heritage sites across the UK.

The exhibition focuses both on people explicitly designated as ‘perpetrators’ and on the many more who facilitated, collaborated with, or through their everyday behaviours helped to sustain state-sponsored practices of persecution, exploitation and murder. It aims to examine how different sectors of society became involved in mass, state-sanctioned persecution and violence, how individuals involved understood and justified their actions, how they were culturally represented in post-war Europe, and the ways in which post-Nazi successor states dealt with questions of justice.

Due to the Coronavirus and resultant restrictions on gatherings and movement, we have delayed the opening of this physical exhibition until early 2021. While we are obviously saddened to have to put this part of the project on hold, we appreciate the importance of ensuring the safety of museum visitors and all the staff and volunteers who would have been involved.

Although the launch of our travelling exhibition has been deferred, we are pleased to announce that we have been working to create a new, digital exhibition which will go live this summer.

Our hope is that this new website will be able to bring the ideas of the project team to even more people than would have been possible with solely a physical exhibition.

We want to make sure that the website is easy to navigate, informative, and useful for people involved in Holocaust education, commemoration, and teaching in both formal and informal learning environments.

With that in mind we are inviting people with an interest in the field to have an opportunity to preview the materials and test out the website before it goes live to a wider public. 

If you are interested in an advance viewing and sharing your thoughts, we will send you a link to the pilot version of the site in the week of July 13th, and ask you to complete a brief survey about your experience of using it. On July 20th, we will be hosting a discussion over Zoom with the project team where you can ask questions, or further share your ideas and suggestions with us.

If you would like to help make sure that the web-based materials and digital exhibition are as accessible, useful and engaging as possible for the communities with which you are connected, please enter your details here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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